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What is Home Health Care?  

        Home care is health care service that is provided where the patient lives. The purpose of home care is to restore, or maintain a patient’s health and reduce the effects of disease or disability. Nursing can be delivered in the patients’ homes. This allows them to feel more comfortable and less anxious. 

       Patients can receive home care whether they live in their own homes, assisted living facilities, with or without family members. Specialty therapists from physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and respiratory therapy departments often make regular home visits, depending on a patient’s specific needs. General nursing care is provided by both registered and licensed practical nurses; however, there are also nurses who are clinical specialists in psychiatry, and cardiology who may provide care when necessary. Home health aides are similar to those of nurses’ aides in the hospital. They provide what is called personal care in domestic settings. 

      Anchor Home Health Care Inc. is an independent, licensed, local home health care company. We are committed to the belief that seniors and home bound individuals are best served when they are cared for at home. Anchor Home Health Care provides a wide spectrum of health care professionals and specialized services in the comfort of home. Our home health care team works with physicians, hospital staff, and family to develop a personal health care plan that addresses the needs of each patient. 

    Our caring service makes it possible for the elderly to maintain as much independence and recovery as possible. We will provide the appropriate in home nursing assistance and companionship. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What kind of Services do you provide? 

A: Professional nurses, both RN’s and LPN’s and Physical Therapist ordered by a doctor.  Anchor Home Health Care also provides occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, medical social worker and/or home health aide designed to take over or assist in the activities that elders need to be able to stay at home safely and with dignity. These may include fall prevention, medication and fluids reminders, light housekeeping, grooming or bathing assistance. 

Q: What is the background check of the staff?    

A: Anchor Home Health Care health care staff comes from many different backgrounds but all of them are experienced nurses and home health aides of certified nurse’s aides who understand the needs of the elderly and their families. All our caregivers have gone through preemployment screening and are bonded and insured. We provide vigorous hiring standards to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care possible.    

Q: Do you actually provide care in assisted living facilities?    

A: Assisted Living is designed for seniors that require some assistance with activities of daily living and wish to live as independently as possible. People sometimes discover that the assistance provided in an assisted living facility is not enough to enable them to remain independent. In these cases you are allowed to hire private help in an assisted living facility – or nursing home for that matter.    

Q: Can this help my parents conserve the assets they have worked all their lives to build?    

A: Yes. Any assets a person spends for their own care is that much less that will be available for the government, through Medicaid or taxes, to take away. Most families would rather see those assets spent keeping their elderly family members at home and independent rather than have them taken away to reimburse the government or be taxed as inheritance.